"Cover stars Nengi Adoki, Vivian Anani, Omawumi and Ronya Man (Left to Right) all starring in the upcoming movie Chatroom, chat with us about the making of this film with the purpose of enlightening the world about issues of sexual violence. "

Ronya Man and Stanlee Ohikhuare giving the Best Animation Award at AFRIFF on behalf of RTF. 


Ronya Man talking to Wazobia Max about the Realtime International Film Festival on "Hello Nigeria".

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Ronya Man in TVC Connect Nigeria's morning show talking about her work prepping actors before scenes. 

'Punch' newspaper features Ronya Man in the movie "Trumped" screened in Cannes 2019.

Stanlee OHkihuare and Ronya Man on Galaxy TV talking about Realtime Film Festival and the 20-hr filmmkaing challenge. 

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Ronya Man auditioning actors during Realtie Film festival Advantage Training Sessions


Ronya with other @WIFTNaija members inspiring young girls through private screening of "Hidden Figures" .

"Ronya Man's acting received many compliments for its intensity and realness." - Punch May 29, 2019. 

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Ronya Man on set of Lonely Heart - HIV Awareness film. 

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Ronya Man interviewed on Silverbird TV about Timeless Roots Stage show.

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Ronya Man interviewed by DSTV Supersports about ActingOut, and about her work in NGO @WIFT Nigeria.

Ronya Man in press conferance for an upcoming feature film by Africa to America Productions. 

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Ronya Man interviewed on Channels TV. 

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Ronya Man featured on @Stargage Instagram Influencers Spotlight.

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Ronya Man, in ACTINGOUT - a platform she initiated for training and immersing actors into the industry.

On TVC Morning News

About the Realtime Film festival 20-hrs Filmmaking Challenge

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Ronya Man challenged to sing on Plus TV. 

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Ronya Man on Silverbird TV interview about Nollywood acting training. 

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