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RISE was inspired by Socially Africa, an NGO that acts to revive and better communities in Lagos, Nigeria , through teaching kids the Art of Graffiti.  
The writers and director of RISE, were moved by their agenda and wrote this story in the hope of educating Nigerian society on how Art and a forgiving approach can yield a better individual.
RISE was shot within one day and with no budget as part of the

with young actors and mostly with an iphone. We consider that a success on its own and a proof that storytelling can be made by all means.
The music score was written for the movie and one of the songs in it was written and produced by one of the actors in the film.
We are very proud of the result . We hope you will find RISE as worthy.


Three boys from neglected homes in an average neighbourhood in Lagos find themselves in a violent situation, only to be saved by an ordinary teacher with an extraordinary vision.


Script:        Ronya Man, Ben Lugo Touitou 

Director:     Ronya Man

Producer:    RMA

Soundtrack: Seun Adewumi

Main Cast: Femi Odoro, Simon Chima, Eriwole Balugon, Ben Lugo Touitou, Jah Breed,             

                Toluwalase Oluremi.

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